Video in the Villages: An Intercultural Cinema

By Vincent Carelli - Speaker


Vincent Carelli is a documentary film director and editor and the founder and director of VídeonasAldeias/Video in the Villages (VNA) in Olinda, Brazil. VNA works closely with indigenous communities to provide video production training, annual workshops for Native videomakers in regional locations, equipment access and post-production support, and international distribution of the work. VNA productions, numbering more than 70, have been screened widely, representing videomakers from more than 15 indigenous communities in Brazil. In 2008 the showcase “Video AmazôniaIndígena: A View from the Villages” was organized by the NMAI Film and Video Center. Carelli, VNA’s then-codirector Mari Corrêa, and five indigenous directors traveled to the U.S. to present their works at NMAI and other venues in New York and Washington, D.C. A major retrospective of VNA works, “Um OlharIndígena/Through Indian Eyes,” was held in Rio de Janeiro in 2004 and in Brasilia in 2006. For its work, in 1999 VNA received the UNESCO Prize at the 6th Mostra Internacional do Filme Etnográfico in Rio de Janeiro.

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