By Monika Sorensen - Discussant


Currently studying an MA in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths University of London.She is Working on a participative film project with some marginalized women on their resources and societal contribution. MA in Social Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen 2004. Did research on identification processes among ethnic minority youngsters in a secondary school. Since then I have finished two film courses: 2010 at the Open University Copenhagen, 2004-2005 at the Short and Documentary Filmschool in Copenhagen. Since graduation worked in different temporary social projects e.g. in areas of social housing. Work aiming to support people and motivate them to activities. Worked with ethnic minorities and mentally ill people especially women. E.g. did a life story project in a drop-in centre for socially and mentally vulnerable women within a recovery framework. Qualitative surveys among residents on their housing situation. Studied theatre and worked practically with theatre on a semi professional level. Have also done several art classes and worked with layout. Doing an MA in Visual Anthropology is for me an attempt to integrate my visual and creative interests with my anthropological interests.

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