Collaboration and Authorial Diversity in Film

The following films are part of the conferene on "Collaboration and Authorial Diversity in Film". Additionally, the filmmakers will talk about their collaborations.


Half Elf

Iceland, 2020, 64,5 min
Location: Iceland
A Film by: Jón Bjarki Magnússon

A lighthouse keeper prepares his funeral while trying to reconnect the elf within. Hulda and Trausti have shared a roof on Icelandic shores for over seventy years. When he tells her he wants to change his name to ‘Elf’, she warns his family will abandon him. Now, as his one hundredth birthday nears and Trausti senses the hand of death upon him, he is on a quest to find the coffin that can carry this elf back to the mysteries beyond. Meanwhile, Hulda retreats into a world of poetry with an electric magnifying glass. “Half Elf” is a modern Icelandic fairy-tale, where life is celebrated – despite the reality that awaits all of us in the end.
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Screening: 29.05.2022 09:30

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Kuldeep’s Love

Norway, 2022, 40 min
Location: India
A Film by: Frode Storaas, Dipesh Kharel

All societies have rules for marriage, some more strict than others. This film follows Kuldeep over a period of more than two years. He has a plan of getting married, but caste, class and family do not agree with this plan. ‘Obey your father and mother’ is a universal saying, even a command. How does Kuldeep relate to this? And what is a happy ending?

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Screening: 29.05.2022 11:30

A Slice of Life

Australia, Germany, 2022, 42 min
Location: Papua New Guinea, Napamogona & Goroka, EHP, PNG
A Film by: Regina Knapp, Verena Thomas, Jackie Kauli

A Slice of Life is a short film shot in Bena, in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The village of Lopatena had been destroyed in a long-lasting tribal warfare. Now, at a fragile peace, the scattered community members have returned to their land and are rebuilding their homes. A Slice of Life combines fiction/drama with ethnographic footage of twenty-five years. The script for the film was co-developed with community members from Bena who are also the actors in the film, as it depicts their real-life experiences.

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Screening: 29.05.2022 13:00

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The Soloist

Germany, 2021, 32,5 min
Location: Germany
A Film by: Johann Olenitsch

Bautzen prison – formerly the most famous political prison in East Germany housing more than a hundred prisoners, many from West Germany. Everything was top secret, but suddenly, just for 32 minutes, the doors open for us. This film tells the story of a former prisoner, André Baganz, and of four other people, who look back on the notorious Bautzen II prison, which has changed a lot over the last three decades as it has become a place of remembrance. How do we as a society remember human rights violations in our immediate surroundings? What standpoint do we take today towards those in power at the time and how have these viewpoints changed?

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Screening: 29.05.2022 16:00

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